Eagle Chronicle Masthead

August 18, 2023

Vol. 1, No. 1

Media as a Tool of Wokeism

Letter By William J. Ziebell, Eagle Idaho

These are extraordinary times for our republic in terms of how the press, or media in modern parlance, impacts citizens, business, and government. For the first time in American history our government, businesses and media are colluding for power and profit to control every aspect of American’s communicated or stored information whether private or public. This has been evidenced and proven without doubt this past year. As an example, federal security organizations such as the CIA and FBI, and even the Office of the President of the United States, have directed the censorship of citizens and manipulated the information being distributed through traditional and modern media organizations.

Over the course of the past few years, I have watched with much concern and dismay about the impact of such efforts, equating the activity as a close approximation of communistic control tactics reminiscent of the East Berlin Stasi operating during the cold war era. I have pondered how this new Marxism or Wokeism utilizes media as a means of control to teardown hierarchies of power with the stated goal of dismantling and rebuilding western culture from the ground up. The demolition is well underway and is impacting every aspect of my inherited culture, religion, and ethnicity. It is gravely impacting my family and community. What I did not expect when I started the Eagle Chronicle was to find media control tactics being utilized in Eagle, Idaho by my own city government.

This story starts tragically with a senior citizen fatality caused by an accident involving a Valley Regional Transit (VRT) transport van.

The transport van was owned, registered, insured, and maintained by VRT and operated by a VRT certified driver licensed by the State of Idaho. The Eagle Senior Citizens, Inc. (ESC), operating under the Assumed Business Name of Eagle Senior Center, was in contract with VRT. The contract governed transportation program moneys and service operations where ESC employed full-time drivers and scheduled trips.

The City of Eagle is not a party to any contract between VRT and ESC. The City of Eagle confirms this by stating, “the City’s association with the Senior Center nonprofit was simply to provide the nonprofit a facility for a $1.00 a year lease,” on its Just the Facts! Eagle Senior Center webpage.

The City of Eagle also states on this webpage that, “Due to recent safety and financial concerns, the City of Eagle issued a 120-day notice to terminate the lease of the Eagle Senior Center building to the Eagle Senior Citizens, Inc.” and that, “We are proactively protecting our seniors,” and when “the lease with Eagle Senior Citizens, Inc. ends, the City will continue to provide the same senior-focused activities…”

Just because the City of Eagle makes these statements does not make them true. Nowhere on the webpage does the City of Eagle provide any evidence for their “safety concerns” or to justify their actions of “proactively protecting” Eagle’s senior citizens by terminating the Eagle Senior Center building lease. Nor does it mention that the building ownership is in legal dispute. What then is the purpose of using media to spread misleading information? It is propaganda.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines propaganda as, “The systematic dissemination of information, esp. in a biased or misleading way, in order to promote a particular cause or point of view, often a political agenda.”

The City of Eagle’s Just the Facts! webpage is “systematic dissemination of information.” Where a “misleading” safety concern narrative is used “in order to promote a particular cause” to terminate the building lease to achieve “a political agenda” where the City of Eagle takes over senior citizen services.

The City of Eagle is using propaganda for their stated goal of dismantling and rebuilding services that have been in place for decades. This is how wokeism works. It demolishes anyone and anything in its way and utilizes media as a tool to manipulate and control; if you do not dutifully acquiesce you will be canceled. Just like Eagle Senior Citizens, Inc.

Think of the elderly in the impact. Now do something about it!