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August 18, 2023

Vol. 1, No. 1

How The American People’s Rights Have Been Eroded and What We Can Do About It

Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted by Trish Reeves. Trish is the District 14 Captain for the Article V Convention of States. For more information see conventionofstates.com/Idaho.

On June 21, 1788, our United States Constitution was ratified. Ratification required approval by two thirds of the thirteen states, nine states approved it and the remainder followed suit. In the Constitution the Federal Government was granted eighteen enumerated powers. These powers included the power to levy taxes, regulate commerce, establish a uniform law of naturalization, establish federal courts (subordinate to the Supreme Court), establish and maintain a military and declare war. The ratified constitution contained 1400 words. Today the constitution we operate under contains 30,000 pages.

The States created the Federal Government, not the other way around. The “elastic clause” in the Constitution, has allowed Federal powers to increase by judges with agendas, while amendments have diluted States powers. Today our Federal Government allows open borders they were required to protect, ignores drug laws allowing Fentanyl to kill tens of thousands, censors free speech, challenges our rights to bear arms, allows the mutilation of our children. Our Federal Government is out of control. It is past time for the States to reclaim self-governance.

So, what can we do about it? Article V of the Constitution provides the only peaceful solution to this crisis.

It allows two ways the Constitution can be amended, not rewritten, amended. Article V reads “Congress when two-thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, or on the application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the States, shall call for a Convention for proposing amendments.” It takes 34 States to call a Convention, 26 States to approve an Amendment and 38 States to ratify. Over 400 applications have been filed for Conventions, 42 were able to reach consensus over the exact wording of the resolution. All those Conventions have always agreed to a one State, one vote rule. This precludes States with higher populations having any advantage. None were a runaway.

So, what role would Congress have in the Convention? Once the resolution to call a convention has been approved by the 34 States, Congress has no recourse. It must name the date and location of the Convention only. If it slow walks this duty, the powers revert to the States, and the States will name the date and location for the Convention.

What role do the States play? The States name the Delegates. They choose the number of Delegates and instruct them in their role. If the Delegates don’t follow their instructions, the Delegate will be removed, replaced, and may face prosecution. Upon convening, the Delegates will agree on the rules by which the Convention will be run. With these checks and balances in place, the possibility of a runaway Convention doesn’t exist. Even if a State would propose an amendment to replace the Constitution, do you think 38 States will ratify such an idea? Highly unlikely.

In the current resolution that the 19 of the required 34 states have agreed on three issues are to be considered. They are term limits, not just for Congress, but for the Judiciary and the administrative staff. In a recent video Senator Feinstein was asked to vote, she instead began reading a narrative, while her staff prompts her to “just say aye”. It is often the unelected staff of these elected officials who write the laws and regulations that we are governed by. The second issue is Fiscal Responsibility, how about a balanced budget for a change? Lastly, Federal Overreach. The loosely worded clauses of Commerce, and General Welfare in the Constitution need to be clarified. Subjective terms like “necessary and proper” need to be more clearly defined. This is what has allowed the Federal Government to grow. The above three issues will never be proposed by Congress. That is why we the people will do it for them. Article V is about returning power to the people. May I remind you; we ARE the people.

If you feel depressed, if you are fearful to speak up, or willingly comply with unreasonable mandates, then they have reached you with their poison and you are no longer part of the solution. It is time to Stand Up, Speak Up and Show Up. No more apathy, no more excuses, or our Country is lost. Go to conventionofstates.com and sign the petition. Come to a Convention of States town hall, donate to support a local District and most of all become a volunteer to support our efforts to build a grassroots army.