PSTD Can Be Diagnosed By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The scientists have built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer-based program which may help analyze the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the veterans by investigating the voices.

The research, issued in the Depression and Anxiety journal, found that the AI device may recognize with about 89 percent accuracy in the voices of the people with or people without PTSD.

Charles R Marmar, from the New York University, stated, “Our discoveries propose that the characteristics based on voice can be utilized to analyze this ailment, and with the further validation and refinement, might be utilized in the medical center sooner rather than later.”

Dimitra Vergyri, director at the STAR (Speech Technology and Research) Laboratory of SRI International, stated, “The technology of speech analysis utilized in the ongoing study on the PTSD identification falls in the scope of capacities incorporated into the platform of speech analytics referred to as SenSay Analytics.”

In excess of 70 percent of the grown-ups across the globe experience the traumatic event sooner or later in the life span, with about 12 percent of the individuals in some struggling economies experiencing PTSD.

The researchers stated that the PTSD analysis is frequently controlled by the clinical meeting or a self-report appraisal, both characteristically inclined to biases.

In the ongoing research, the study group utilized the statistical/AI system, referred to as random forests which may “realize” how to order the people dependent on the examples.

While the ongoing research did not investigate the disease systems behind the PTSD, the hypothesis is that traumatic mishaps change the brain circuits which procedure muscle tone and emotion that influences the individual’s voice.

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