Bungee Cord Proves Fatal for a Man’s Eye

The eye of the man resembles a terrarium, or maybe the cloudy fishbowl: A dark circle with the layer of the brown color, the substance at the base looking sandy-looking. However, this is not some sort of a special contact lens. This phenomenon is the consequence of the eye injury which made the iris of the man to tear from the normal spot and “hang” down.

For a whole week, the man had torment in the left eye also a blurred vision which was caused by a bungee cord. At last, the 48-year-old man, who solicit secrecy, visited the National Taiwan University Hospital located in Taipei.

He told the medical professionals that the incident happened when he tried to fasten goods to the bike utilizing the bungee cord, and this cord snapped off and hit the eye.

A short physical inspection by Dr. Chia-Chieh Hsiao and Dr. Wei Li Chen, researchers, and physicians in the medical facility Department of Ophthalmology uncovered the left eyelid wounding if painfully, deformed left pupil.

When the man went to the medical center, he revealed blurry and double vision and pain in the injured eye.

A test uncovered that the man showed a wounded left eyelid and the disturbed pupil. A test on the eye demonstrated the man’s vision for the left eye was 20/200 which is the edge for being “legitimately visually impaired” in the US.

Iwach said, “Such wounds may have various unsafe impacts, including eye bleeding, damage to the retinal detachment or lens.” It can likewise cause an “awful cataract,” or blurring of the eye lens, to create.

The man had undergone a medical procedure referred to as the “iridoplasty” to attempt to reposition the iris. A short time later, he had reclamation of the shape of the pupil and improved vision. After one year, the iris of man stayed appended with just “gentle distortion” and no indications of glaucoma, the report stated.

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