Rock Structure Having the Key to Seismic Activities

Piles of large rocks splendidly balanced present in the Negev Desert in Israel seem to resist the gravity, however, a decent shake might send them collapsing. In this way, the scientists are studying them to find out about the earthquakes which have struck this locale over the previous thousand years.

By assessing the stability and age of these stones, the scientists have verified that the biggest quake that hit the faults near the Negev Desert in the course of previous 1300 years was not likely so enormous not more noteworthy than the magnitude of 5.0.

The researchers in an abstract, “In the event that a strong seismic quake happens in the region, they are probably going to topple or break.”

In like manner, the rocks precariously balanced, or the PBRs as they are known, likewise demonstrated part of the fault framework known as the Dead Sea Transform (DST) has not encountered a seismic quake more noteworthy than 6.5 to 7 magnitude amid this timeframe, the scientist found.

The researchers stated, “This proposes notable seismic quakes [that] happened amid the PBRs life span were most likely not that strong as the past suspected.”

However, discovering the PBRs requires some time, so the lead researcher Yaron Finzi, the geophysicist at the Arava Dead-Sea Science Center and Arava Institute, and the group teamed up with the native researchers to locate these beautiful rock columns.

What’s more, the scientist dated the stones by investigating the residue caught in the cliffs and the columns with the method known as the optically stimulated luminescence. The technique enables the scientists to decide to what extent back the dust in the quartz crystals was revealed to the sun.

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