Latest Launch by Google Confirms the Name Pixel 3a

The smartphones of Google the Pixel 3a XL and also Pixel 3a are seen to be coming close to the official launching. The Google Pixel 3a was seen on the Google Store official site as the new smartphone, along with Google Nest Hub Max. Also, a few features of the Pixel 3a XL and also Pixel 3a have been seen on the Developer Console of Google Play, along with the fascinating tag “Pixel 2019 Midyear Experience”. Moreover, both the phones have allegedly gotten the certification of IMDA in Singapore that proposes their imminent launch.

Starting with the posting, Pixel 3a name showed up just after some time on the website of Google Store, full filing with the tag “new” related with the smartphone. The mention related to the Google Nest Hub Max was also spotted in the home section of the website. Google Nest Hub Max will evidently be the extensive form of the Home Hub of Google and may accompany a display of 10-inch, Nest Cam which is built-in, and stereo speakers, additionally feature for sound and motion alerts. But, the URL presently appears been taken down. The Google Pixel 3a posting on Google Store website was first announced by the 9to5Google.

The Pixel 3a XL and the Pixel 3a marking was as of late seen in the Android Q’s code too, and a few features, for example, the Pixel 3a comprising of Snapdragon 670 SoC, also onboard storage of 64GB and the iris color variation were additionally leaked.

Few features of Google Pixel 3a are;

  • Display of 5.56-inch
  • RAM of 4GB
  • Battery Capacity of 2915mAh

Operating System of Android 9 Pie

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