Intel to Invest More in Israel Startups after Investing $120 Million Dollars In 2018

Intel Corporation is a technological company and one of the most well-established American global enterprises with headquarters situated in California, Santa Clara, in the Silicon Valley. It is the world’s second biggest and second most astounding esteemed semiconductor chip producer after Samsung, and is the designer of the x86 arrangement of microchips, the processors found in most (PCs). Intel positioned No. 46 in the 2018 Fortune 500 rundown of the biggest United States enterprises by complete income. Intel along with being a significant multinational has now also decided to invest in several startups. Intel’s venture capital fund stated on 2nd April 2019, Tuesday that it has planned $120 million last year in various aspects in Israel, and is currently planning to continue doing these investments in the coming year as well

Intel Capital also mentioned in an announcement that it has an investment in Israeli startup like ProteanTecs, along with other various investors including Avigdor Willenz, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, ITI Venture Capital Partners, Viola Ventures, Redline Capital Management, and WRVI Capital. ProteanTecs is a well-known company now that develops technology to help detect and predict failures in electronics, the company raised $35 million in this recent year, in addition to the $15 million previously raised. Intel Capital stated that it is planning extending its group in Israel with Noam Kaiser joining Yair Shoham and Roi Bar-Kat as accomplices and speculation executives. The reserve accomplices intend to use the group’s involvement in beginning time speculations and extend the interests in more youthful organizations. In 2018, Intel inserted its resources into 14 organizations and has planned to keep up its venture pace of the last recent of years. Until today, Intel Capital has invested $435 million out of 90 Israeli organizations, of which 30 have developed into ways out.

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