Chinese Programmer Withdrew 7 Million Yuan Through a Strange ATM Loophole

An incident as fictional as a scene from a thriller movie occurred in China when a Chinese bank programmer discovered a plot which made an ATM spill out free cash. A 43-year-old Qin Qisheng withdrew $1 million USD (7 million yuan) from several ATMs that were operated by Huaxia Bank, his employer. The bank’s system could not register the various withdrawals done and flew out cash and failed to remove the total from the account of the user. Apparently, Qisheng input scripts in the system which repressed the alerts, which otherwise would have flared-up a red flag had the transaction failed.

Ever since November 2016, Qisheng began the withdrawals and until January 2018, by when he had already withdrew 1358 times, that the bank actually realized an error code in its system and captured him. However, post reporting him, the bank wished to withheld the case and the reason might be that they have were fearing bad publicity and that the brand name might get flawed. Therefore Huaxia Bank requested the police to take back the case filed and said that they accept Qisheng’s justification that he was simply testing the security measures on the bank and was purposely holding the money until the bank reclaims it.

Nevertheless, the court has refused the Bank’s Plea and currently the programmer may have to spend ten and a half years in prison. The court did not agree to the explanation by the bank and instead are considering that Qisheng has deposited all of the money to his personal bank and has allegedly been spending in some stock market as well.

Selena Buffay

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