Spending Three Minutes Following This Hack Can Help Save Your Child’s Life

Road accidents are very scary but totally unimaginable when it comes to your own child. No one wants to see their child in danger or pain. Therefore a mother who is also an emergency medical technician advised parents to mention all this critical information on the car seat of their child in order to protect their child any increases his or hers chance of survival if the car meets with an accident. The EMT mother, Kaitlyn Lawson works with the Frankton Ambulance Service situated in Anderson Indiana.

The car companies are trying very hard to make the car as well as the ride safer for the driver and the patients by adding more safety features like Head Injury Protection, Antilock Brake System, Air Bags and Head Restraints. But in some cases accident and major injuries cannot be avoided a lot of times leading to death. The child in the back seat can still be protected if the people who take him to the hospital are still about these details-

  • Information about any medical condition the child is facing
  • All the emergency contacts
  • Medications that the child is consuming along with the names of medicine the baby is allergic from
  • Name of the child and the parents or guardian
  • Date of birth and the blood group

Along with the very useful hack Kaitlyn Lawson and her husband shared some of the major safety rule the parent traveling with the child should always follow including checking that the child cannot take their hands out of the strap also making sure that the strap is not tied too tight that it hurts the child. There should be no more than one finger gap between the child and the strap, not even because of the jacket or thick coat that the child is wearing.  All over the parent should always be careful that the drive safely and follow the rules set for the roadways and traffic.

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