Body Shaming Can Result In More Discrimination And Stigmas In The Society

A lady travelling in a United Airlines flight to Newark, New Jersey from Las Vegas was expelled out of the flight after she fat-shamed the passengers sitting next to her. Her fellow passengers were disgusted and the flight staff made the decision to remove her from the flight. Body shaming and fat shaming are two very immoral actions but cases as such have been reported rapidly as the importance of appearance and well maintained body is increasing.

What is body shaming?

The action to embarrass or humiliate somebody by making inappropriate comments about the shape or size of their body is known as body shaming.  People don’t just do that to others they often compare themselves to other which can be as demotivating and hurtful as it may hurt other. The world today is highly gravitating towards good looks and attractive personalities which often create self-doubt among teenagers and adults as well. The action leaves a lot of negative impact on people’s mind which can lead to several problems like-

  • Shockingly, research has proved that dietary problems reported in the past were mainly due to body shaming and the feeling of inferiority because their fellow classmates or companions often commented negatively on their size or weight.
  • Ladies that face a lot of negatives comments about their body eventually lose confidence and experience absolutely low self-esteem which hampers their mental and physical health.
  • High levels of depression is also another major impact of body shaming, as many youngster start feeling that they are not suitable for the society and keep often end up feeling lonely.
  • Not only people who get body shamed but also the people who boy shame others are usually people who at some point felt bad about themselves and now find it difficult to be find due to their previous experiences. They are people who lack empathy and compassion.
  • When viewed at the social level it also proved shaming other on the basis of their size and shape can promote more discrimination and stigmas. Judging people according to their looks can create more ways to treat people unequally.
Selena Buffay

She is a seasoned news writer, with over three years of industry experience. Holing a Master’s Degree in Literature and a novel enthusiast, Selena has assisted several organizations with research writing. She believes in a bringing something new to the table always; her compelling nature with intelligent choice of words helps her curate an appreciable piece of writing

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