Kids Having Working Mothers As Happy As Kids With Stay-at-Home Mothers

There are several standards and norms set for mothers by the society we live in. There are ideals or norms that a female needs to follow in order to be a good mother. Working women who have to handle work, house and child at the same time find it very difficult to fit under the criteria put forth by the society and thus often consider them as not being a good mother to their child. But it is important for them to understand that it is not necessary to fit under the norms unless they have a happy and healthy child. This is also proved by the recent studies that were held globally. The research came out to be as a relief for several working women who considered themselves as guilty along with proving various aspects like-

  • Daughter of working mothers were bound to progress in their own careers and earn more incomes scoring more promotions eventually, as well as sons of working mothers proceed to go through 50 minutes all the more every week thinking about their families.
  •   One of the major points that were mentioned in the report was that children grew up to be happy adults without getting any influence regarding their mother’s employment status.
  • Strikingly research additionally shows that daughters of working mothers earned approximately $1,880 more every year than girls who had homemaker’s mothers, full-time.
  • The study established that working moms made their sons more family centered and sensitive towards their feeling. They were witnessed to give more time to the family and support their wives in the household affairs.

Along with the report there are various problems faced by working mothers and their solutions that may help them to find some relief in their hardworking and eventful life-

  • Time management- it is the biggest problem for working women it seems like 24 hours are not enough for these hardworking women as stated by them the work is too much and the time is not enough. The only solution they find to this problem is skipping a lot of time from their needed sleep hours. There are several solutions to the problem like getting house help and babysitters, share of domestic work with their better halves.
  • Emotional disconnection- well this problem can be very minimal or may not exist at all but somehow appears to be very huge to the mothers because not spending enough quality time makes them feel that are emotionally not there for their children. The only solution to this problem is adjusting some quality time with the family along with sharing day to day events with each other, and of course the mothers need to stop over thinking.
Selena Buffay

She is a seasoned news writer, with over three years of industry experience. Holing a Master’s Degree in Literature and a novel enthusiast, Selena has assisted several organizations with research writing. She believes in a bringing something new to the table always; her compelling nature with intelligent choice of words helps her curate an appreciable piece of writing

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