Water Pollution in All the Sea’s Around the World is Expected to Increase 2X Times by 2030

“It’s a picture that I wish would not exist, but now that it does, I want everyone to see it.” These are the words with which Justin Hofman, American photographer, starts one of the post on Facebook that probably has attracted more attention because it shows the photograph of a seahorse that clings to a cotton coin. This says how water pollution is increasing around the world in major sea’s.

As Hofman himself explains in his social network, the photograph was taken in the Indonesian archipelago while a stream of garbage surrounded the seahorse. “What began as an opportunity to photograph a cute seahorse turned into frustration and sadness when the tide brought with it pieces of trash and sewage,” says the photographer. He says Water Pollution in Sea’s Around the World is Expected to Increase 2X Times by the coming years.

It has been such an impact of the image that only on Instagram, where he also shared it, already has many pictures and several media around the world have referred to it. Moreover, the photograph will be competing to win the Wildlife Photographer of the Year prize promoted by the Natural History Museum of London.

The pollution of the sea by plastic, without a doubt, is one of the biggest problems facing the Earth. The images of turtles suffocated by eating plastic or birds entangled in the plastic of the “six pack” of beer have also gone around the world. According to a study published by the University of Georgia (United States), only 8,000 tons of plastic were released into the sea in 2010, and it is feared that the accumulated amount by 2025 may reach 155 million tons by the year 2030 it may increase 2X times.

Also, earlier this month, a team of researchers from Algalita, an organization dedicated to studying plastic pollution in the seas, discovered a new “plastic island” near the coasts of Chile and Peru. It is a waste patch that drifts and joins the five more that Captain Charles Moore, director of the organization, has been identifying since 1997. This new “island”, they estimate, could have the size of Colombia.

The truth, as the same Hofman says in his post, is that the image of this seahorse serves to ask us many things. “What kind of future are we creating? How can we carry out actions that change our planet? “Concludes Hofman in the post.

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