Haiti Women Forced to Work on Sundays – Awarded $21m

A Haiti women, Marie Jean Pierre who was expelled from her job in March 2016 was awarded $21m. The woman was working as a pot washer in Conrad Miami Hotel, Miami and had lost her job as she couldn’t work on six Sundays, as she believes in honoring God and that she had to attend Bethel Baptist Church.

An earnest Christian missionary, this 60 year old had served as a pot washer for more than ten years and when hired had informed about not being able to work on Sundays owing to the religious beliefs she was committed to.

According to her lawyer, she was never scheduled to work on weekends, however later the company set her for her absence. On this, Marie dragged the hotel to court on legal terms and argued that under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, she had been violated. This act safeguards workers from discernment based on religion, sex, race or national origin.

The decided jury came to the conclusion that she must be awarded $21m based in the damages, along with $500,000 for causing mental anguish and emotional pain and $35,000 in back wages.

Her lawyer claimed that the hotel intentionally set her up for absence and fired her, whereas they could have housed her when they did that for seven years. She is known to be the soldier of Christ and was doing this for all the rest of the workers who were also being discriminated in the same manner.

The company is intending to appeal against the court’s decision. A statement released from the company stated that at Pierre’s ten year tenure, several grants were given to accommodate her religious as well as personal binders.

However, Marie will not be getting the complete $21m as a punitive damage awards will cape $300,000 in federal court. Nonetheless, her lawyer anticipates that she will still receive $500,000 from other payments.

Selena Buffay

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