Casual Drone Flying Can Be Suspicious for Country Defense

US authorities said on Tuesday they opened an investigation after a video showing a device similar to a drone, built by a teenager, firing shots in the middle of a field.

The 14-second video, entitled Flying Drone shows a small device with several rotors flying close to the ground and firing four times in a wooded area. The objective, if any, is outside the box; but the author of the video states that his flying device is equipped with a semiautomatic pistol.

The creator is Austin Haughwout, an 18-year-old mechanics student from Clinton, Connecticut (northeast). The video was posted on YouTube on July 10 and already has about two million hits.

The US Aviation Agency (FAA) said in a statement that ” an investigation will be conducted on an aircraft system without a pilot in a park in Connecticut to find out if the FAA rules were violated.” “The FAA will also work with law enforcement to determine if there are violations of criminal laws,” he added.

The boy’s father rejected the idea that the device is a drone. These equipment, which varies in size and have no pilot, are programmed; while according to him- the young man’s creation is controlled by remote control.

“People have been playing toys with remote controls for decades,” Brett Haughwout told AFP by telephone. “The proper name for this device is an RC quadcopter, the media are using the inappropriate name (drone) because that helps them generate fear,” he added, notoriously annoyed.

“I do not understand why people make so much history. (My son) is a student of mechanics, he builds all kinds of things, ” he said. He also specified that his family has not been contacted by the FAA and sometimes Casual Drone Flying Can Be Suspicious for Country Defense National Security.

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