21-Year-Old Texas Man Arrested For Cannibalism Desire

A 21-year-old man thanked the police for arresting him before he fulfilled his wishes to kill and eat a child, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday in central-eastern Florida (USA).

Sheriff Wayne Ivey held a press conference in the city of Titusville to report the case of Alexander Barter, who was arrested on October 19 in Texas as a result of an investigation begun in Brevard.

In that conference, broadcast on video through the social networks of the sheriff’s office, Ivey described the case as the most “weird and disgusting” of his career and stressed that Barter himself thanked the agents who detained him for having prevented him from satisfying his “thirst for blood”, because he “could not stop” his desires.

Deceived by the police investigation began after an agent in the Sheriff’s Office Ivey discovered a message from Barter on the Internet expressing his desire to “prove necrophilia and cannibalism and know what it felt like to take another person’s life”.

The agent responded to that message and started conversations online with Barter without letting him know he was a policeman.

Barter specified that he wanted to “rape, kill and eat” a child and that he wanted to do it “as soon as possible,” because he had to satisfy his “intense thirst for blood.” According to the sheriff, the young man told the undercover agent that he lived “in the woods” and that he could dispose of his victim’s remains easily.

The agent traveled to Texas to meet the young man, to whom he had promised to take her a girl for his macabre purposes and so he was arrested and put at the disposal of justice whom Ivey defined as the “most sick, disgusting and demented” individual with the that he has had to face.

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