Lion Air Plane Boeing 737 Crashes Into The Java Sea

A flight from Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air crashed Monday morning, local time, shortly after taking off from the capital, Jakarta.

The plane, a newly launched Boeing 737 MAX 8, its first flight had been in July, according to the web page, specializing in aviation was heading to Pangkal Pinang ( Bangka Island) a city located one hour north of the Indonesian megalopolis and it has crashed in the Java Sea at a point not far from the coast.

Flight JT 610 left the airfield with 188 people on board at 6.20 in the morning and 13 minutes later the control tower lost all communication with the pilots.

After taking off in a southwesterly direction, the plane turned south and then northeast, before falling into the water, according to the Flightradar flight tracking portal. The equipment requested to return to its base before disappearing of the radars, according to a statement of the general director of the authority of Indonesian civil aviation, Sindu Rahayu.

In the area where the depth of the sea has fallen is only 35 meters, according to the Indonesian national emergency agency, which has deployed rescue ships and helicopters. Some remains of the aircraft have already been recovered. The authorities of the Asian country have refused to venture any cause of the accident until the black box is analyzed.

“At 7.15 am the crew of a tugboat that had approached the area saw the remains of the fuselage of an airplane,” said the maritime service of the Asian giant. “The accident has been confirmed,” said the director of the national emergency agency, Muhammad Syaugi, briefly.

The commander of the wrecked aircraft had more than 6,000 hours of flight and his co-pilot, with 5,000. The device barely had 800 hours of flight. Lion Air is the largest private Indonesian airline and has subsidiaries in Malaysia (Malindo Air), Thailand (Thai Lion Air) and in Indonesia itself (Batik Air).

The first executive of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, preferred not to comment. It is the first accident of a B-737 MAX a model that entered service in 2017 which has been recorded.

In a statement, the manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing has limited itself to offering “technical assistance” in the investigation that, “as a mark of the international protocol” must be commanded by the authorities of the Asian country.

At first, It emerged that there were 178 passengers on board but the correct figure counting with the crew members is 188 total and adult passengers were 178, one child, two babies, two pilots and five cabin crew members. 20 of the occupants were officials of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.

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