Judge dismisses the sexual assault charge of Lucia Evans against Harvey Weinstein

The duo Jose Manuel Villarejo and Rafael Redondo continues to perform. A week after the investigating judge of the case Tandem in the National Court, Diego de Egea, ordered the release of Redondo, the partner and lawyer of the imprisoned commissar sent to Miami the order to close a company of the group, named Stuart. In her they appear like directors Villarejo and Redondo.

Rafael Redondo Rodríguez was arrested in November 2017 along with Villarejo and the one who was the commissar of Barajas Carlos Salamanca Airport, the three accused in Operation Tandem for money laundering.

The hearing was scheduled for November 7, but was ahead of Thursday because the defense had evidence showing that the relationship with Evans was acquiesced and requested that the charges be dropped. The Manhattan Supreme Court hearing was held just a year after actress Lucia Evans told The New Yorker magazine that she was forced to fellate him.

Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein’s lawyer, accused the team led by prosecutor Cyrus Vance of having withheld messages that Evans sent to the producer after the alleged sexual assault and that would have made the Grand Jury think twice about the charges for which he was finally charged. your customer. He also argued that the day on which the harassment occurred to Evans was not correctly identified.

Lawyers for the defense and the prosecution have been struggling behind closed doors for weeks about Lucia Evans’ allegations that were not made public. The identity of the second victim has remained anonymous because he never publicly denounced the violation. The third cause for which Harvey Weinstein was prosecuted is that of Mimi Haleyi, a former assistant to the Weinstein Company production company.

The audience was brief. Benjamin Brafman said at the start that the outcome was “very positive” for his client and added that this accusation made him “irreparable damage”, which is why he believes that Evans should be prosecuted for perjury.

The lawyer of the actress took advantage, however, to charge against the work of the Manhattan prosecutor’s office. “Why is it so complicated for a rich sexual predator to be accountable?” He asked. “The battle is not over. This man assaulted her and is going to prove it. “He also recalled the number of women who have accused the producer.

The defense strategy focuses on trying to attack the integrity of the victims and the legal system, according to the prosecution. Researchers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) respond saying they have full confidence in the case filed against Harvey Weinstein and believe that the evidence collected is robust enough.

More than 75 women publicly accused Weinstein of sexual abuse, among which is the actress Paz de la Huerta. There are open investigations in Los Angeles and London. The scandal caused the Weinstein Company to declare bankruptcy and its assets have just been acquired by the Lanterne Capital fund , after paying 289 million dollars.

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