US-China tensions arises when Chinese warship has an ‘unsafe’ encounter with US destroyer

On Sunday, US Navy ship had an “unsafe” interaction with the Chinese warship. The US vessels were conduction a freedom of navigation operation near the Spratly Islands of South China already in disputed. Caused the ships a manoeuvre “to prevent a collision,” said US defence officials.

“A (People’s Republic of China) Luyang destroyer approached USS Decatur in an unsafe and unprofessional maneuver in the vicinity of Gaven Reef in the South China Sea,” Capt. Charles Brown, who is spokesman for US Pacific Fleet, said.

Brown added “Conducted a series of increasingly aggressive manoeuvres accompanied by warnings for the Decatur to depart the area.”

He further said that Chinese destroyer “approached within 45 yards” of the front of the US ship, and“maneuverer to prevent a collision”.

“Our forces will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows,” added Brown.

Carl Schuster, former US Navy Captain who spent 12 years in sea said that, a close encounter could give the ship’s captain few seconds to react to the course change.

“This was very dangerous. Captains get very nervous when ships get closer than 1,000 yards,” said Schuster, now a University professor.

The incident develops high US-China tensions and rages a broad issue. Chinese ships do over shadow US vessels during freedom of navigation but these are considered safe.

The US Navy sails on contested islands in South China with US-China tensions.

When the US Navy conducts freedom of navigation over the world; China is in particular about the operations when it comes to the Chinese government built island that established military facilities and maritime features.

“The US has been repeatedly sending warships to the islands and the adjacent waters in the South China Sea, which has seriously threatened China’s sovereignty and safety,” said Wu Qian, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman on Tuesday.

“The Chinese military will resolutely perform its defence duties and continue to take all necessary measures to safeguard our sovereignty and the regional peace and stability,” Wu added.

Schuster addedChina seems to adopt “a more aggressive response policy” to US ships that emboldened the part last year between US merchant and destroyer’s ship in Asia-Pacific.

The naval academic has also theorized collision which killed 16 sailors from US and the Chinese navy doubting US seamanship skills for confidence intimidate on US ship captains, Schuster added.

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