The serial killer has been beaten to death in Ohio Jail Cell

The angel of death has been killed. Donald Harvey 64, confessed murderer of 54 people was found beaten to death Thursday in the jail cell in Toledo (Ohio) in which he was serving a triple life sentence. Robert G. Sellers, spokesman for the police has confirmed that the nurse who killed dozens of patients in his care in four years (he confessed to 54 crimes, but they were only going to judge him for 24) was attacked by another prisoner in his cubicle and that an investigation has been launched.

Harvey (Hamilton, Ohio, 1952) was initially judged by the death of 24 people, mostly sick in care in a hospital in Cincinnati, between 1980 and 1987.

He was promised not to apply the death penalty on the condition that he confessed to these crimes, since his verification would have been very difficult. He did so, to the extent that he came to speak of a total of 54 deaths, more than twice as many as those accused.

The murderer, who hid in his house a list with the names of his victims and the date of the killings, “killed because he liked to kill”, not to help the sick, according to the trial prosecutor said in 1987.

A member of the air force, he was an occult fan, he was appreciated by the relatives of those who ended up being his victims. “He was very nice,” said the last supervisor he had in a hospital.

The murders, carried out in four years in two hospitals in which Harvey has worked, were mainly committed with cyanide, rodenticides, gases, injection of air into the veins and plastic bags or pillows to cut oxygen.

As Harvey himself told CBS in 2003, it was very easy to kill in the hospitals where he worked, because most of the doctors were overworked. “They are so busy that the patient can die without the doctor coming and certify it, that happened to me with a resident, who died and the doctor sent him directly to the funeral home,” he said. He never showed repentance.

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